Successful execution of the strategy requires human, material and financial resources. TANLAP will search, select, recruit and maintain an outstandingly competent staff to accomplish the network goals and objectives and at the same time meet the expectations of the members. The organization will adopt the best human resource management and development practices to inculcate productivity, innovativeness and overall work morale.

Material resources will be needed. TANLAP will procure and maintain modern and efficient office equipment for its smooth functioning. Such equipment and gadgets will include, but not limited to, Vehicles, Computers, Photocopiers, Office Chairs and Tables, File Cabinets, LCD machines, Digital Cameras, Scanners and Printers. A supply and inventory management policy will be used to prudently and transparently manage the material resources of the network. The network will strive to purchase and or build its own modern office premise.

TANLAP will need financial resources to run the organization, implement its programme, pay for office running costs and maintain its workforce. The organization will explore and adopt ways to make it sustainable.