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On 15th and 16th September, 2022, Mwanamke Imara project Implementers conducted annual project review meeting to discuss the successes, challenges and lessons learnt through the implementation of year two of Mwanamke Imara project so as to inform the planning of the implementation for year three. Project Implementers managed to develop implementation plan for year three of Mwanamke Imara project that is implemented in Mbeya, Njombe and Kilimanjaro under the generous support of the American People (USAID). The event was held at Usungilo hotel in Mbeya.

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On 14th September 2022, Mwanamke Imara project organized Annual Stakeholders Review Meeting to discuss the implementation of year two of Mwanamke Imara project and comments on the successes, challenges and lessons learnt that would inform the planing of activities implementation in year three. Stakeholders from project areas include Community Development Officers, Paralegals, Role Models, Male Champions, representatives of Women and Youth Economic Groups, Solicitors, Media representatives and Religions Leaders.

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TANLAP under Mwanamke Imara Project organised a consultative session with Members of the Parliament to discuss on the need to have a specific Anti-Gender-Based Violence Act. The meeting was held under the leadership of Hon. Shally Raymond (MP) who is the Chairperson of Tanzania Women Parliamentary Group (TWPG). The discussion revealed that due to fragmented laws that addressing GBV, it is the right time for Tanzania to enact Anti- GBV Act to address the increasing GBV incidences in the country picking the experience from the Anti GBV Act of SADC.

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On 20-21 June, 2022, The Executive Director , Ms. Christina Ruhinda attended the Commonwealth Women’s Forum in Kigali Rwanda as a delegate. The forum discussed solutions that ensure member countries have robust policies to meet gender equality targets by 2030. Ms. Ruhinda got an opportunity to converse with The Common Wealth Secretary- General,The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC and Hon Ms. Abeida R. Abdallah, The Deputy Principle Secretary for the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare, Elderly, Gender and Children Zanzibar.


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