Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers (TANLAP)

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission statements of TANLAP




TANLAP envisions a society with access to justice whereby people are able or enabled to seek and obtain a remedy through formal or informal institutions of fair and proper administration of laws for grievances in compliance with human rights standards.



To build capacity of legal aid providers in Tanzania; provide proper and improve the coordination and harmonization of the legal aid providers; and strengthen its own organizational development and sustainability.

Core Values.


TANLAP is guided by the following core values.


  • Local communities and poor people have potential to contribute to and to demand good Access to JusticeLocal communities, even the poorest of the poor, have indigenous knowledge and creative ideas on how to improve their conditions of life by taking part in toward realization of timely justice for all.


  • Partnership with local communities, through their networks, and other local, national and international actors on legal and human rights mattersEffective collaboration between different actors, both governmental and non-governmental, will create positive changes in legal and human rights landscape at local, national and international levels


  • Integrity (respect and honesty) at all timesTANLAP secretariat and all members are expected to undertake diverse initiatives in enhancing access to timely justice with highest levels of integrity. They will not corruptly solicit or accept any gift or consideration as an inducement or reward for doing or refraining from doing anything in their official capacity or showing favor or disfavor to any person in that capacity.


  • Transparency and accountability in our engagement with education policy and practice issuesTANLAP Secretariat and all members will undertake the work of promoting legal and human rights with transparency and strong sense of accountability at all times. The network will be transparent and accountable to all key stakeholders in conduct our business.


  • Leadership and constancy of purpose. TANLAP will always ensure that its core functions are kept into focus. At all time, the network will be guided by a strategic plan and work plans that will be reviewed from time to time. The Network will strive to provide strategic leadership and coordination to sustain the network and make a difference toward realization of timely justice for all.

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