Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers (TANLAP)


Post date: Tue, 08/24/2021 - 10:20
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Earlier today on 20th August 2021, TANLAP had the opportunity to conduct a dialogue with media outlets - (29 Journalists ) in Mbeya to discuss how Article 18 of the Constitution of URT (1977) and other laws such as Media Services Act (2016); Cybercrime Act ( 2016) impact their work. The dialogue was part of the project that seek promotion and protection to ensure cohesive state and non state actors collaboration to ensure freedom of speech and assembly, civic space and rule of law. The event was held at Usungilo hotel- Mbeya.

Post date: Mon, 08/09/2021 - 09:09
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On 7th August 2021, TANLAP organized a working session of the Legal Support Network on Family Law Issues as part of activities of Mwanamke Imara project.Among other things, the session aimed to do analysis of various GBV relating laws to develop issues for advocacy of enactment of the Anti GBV Law. The meeting was held at Igawa- Mbarali, Mbeya.

Post date: Tue, 08/03/2021 - 13:12
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TANLAP was among stakeholders attended a meeting on legal aid services and access to justice for all on 2nd August, 2021. The meeting was organized by Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs, held at Arusha at Four Point hotel. The meeting was opened by Deputy Minister of Constitutional and Legal Affairs.

Post date: Mon, 06/28/2021 - 10:19
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As part of the activities to ensure access to justice under Mwanamke Imara Project, on 14th June 2021 TANLAP conducted quarterly working session with trained Paralegals in Rungwe District, whereby trained Paralegals developed work plan on how they are going to provide legal aid services to the society. The aim among others is to ensure effective implementation of the Legal Aid Act of 2017.


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